Courses for Teaching Assistants

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Positive Play

This course will provide:


An introduction to positive play at lunchtimes including tips for promoting positive play, introducing new games effectively, developing  
   children’s play skills and a positive approach.

An opportunity to share good practice and reflect on possible practical improvements in the delegates own schools.




To have reflected on what is meant by positive play and identify strategies that may be useful

To promote positive play at lunch time through:

          +  Understanding the importance of children’s play

          +  Developing children’s skills

          +  Exploring strengths of the team

          +  Introducing new activities

          +  Offering children responsibility

          +  Having a positive team approach


By the end of the session, participants will:


Have confirmation of current good practice 

Have discussed issues and have ideas for ways of making practical improvements to promote positive play

Understand the value of a positive approach to working with children





Making a Difference at Lunchtimes

This course is suitable for Teaching Assistants and members of the Mid-day Supervisory team.



The primary objective is to give staff new to working at lunchtime practical strategies to deal confidently with children during the midday break. This course would also be appropriate for those who would benefit from a refresher.


Participants will understand the responsibilities and limits of their position including well-researched ways of positive behaviour management and gain confidence in carrying out their responsibilities. They will have the opportunity to share their experiences and concerns to help create a positive lunchtime environment.



Areas covered are:


• Managing meals (including the challenge of increasing numbers at KS1 who are now eligible for hot school meals)

• Why be positive? An introduction to positive behaviour management including clear and consistent consequences when necessary

• Planning playground supervision

• Understanding the responsibilities and the boundaries of their position including the importance of confidentiality

• Let’s Play: balancing safety and fun on the playground   



Never Mind the Weather – Let’s Play!

This course is suitable for Teaching Assistants, Playground Play Leaders and members of the Mid-day Supervisory team.


The primary objective of this course is to give staff working at lunchtime positive and practical strategies to support children to play and have effective relationships during challenging weather conditions


Areas covered are:

•  Working as a team including team building exercises

•  Responsibilities for safety and supervision

•  Positive Relationships and Behaviour Strategies

•  Strategies to promote calm and enjoyable activities during wet and windy weather

•  Resources for wet and windy playtimes including a resource/activity that participants can take back to school

•  Supporting children with diverse needs





CPD Accredited Training for Primary School Lunchtime Staff